History of our brand

Fun’Ethic is an eco-friendly, natural and organic cosmetics brand created by Martine and Olaf (aka Morgane and Antoine in the Fun’Ethic Family). These professionals have chosen to break up with traditional business models and their social, environmental, and economic impact.

In 2012, Martine and Olaf decided to create a company that would fit into their idea of a respectful and progressive business. Their project relied on the application of an innovative organizational policy in the domain of organic and natural cosmetics, a policy officially recognized by the CEEI Alsace (European Center of Companies and Innovation.) Every component of their management model is coherent with the notion of sustainable development. That is why our products are labeled as “eco-friendly cosmetics”.

Our team also aims to anticipate new modes of consumption by paying close attention to our consum’actors’ expectations.

The name of our brand needed to evoke family, happiness, and responsibility. Something fun and ethical at the same time. Hence the name Fun’Ethic! As for our logo’s color, it was inspired by our planet. Welcome to our little world !