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The Fun’Ethic Family

At Fun’Ethic, our values are transmitted by members of a real-life family turned into characters.

The Fun’Ethic family is what inspires us to tackle various topics related to a desirable future for every generation.


Morgane : the Mommy

She’s 37 and has chosen to work for a natural and organic cosmetics company along with her partner. She loves nature and especially animals. Morgane’s also a sporty person who enjoys music and life in general. She’s gentle, calm, and very protective of her family. Her children are Viktor and Margaux.

Sarah : the older sister

She’s 22 and loves social networks and modern technology. She recently started studying for a Master’s degree in social and solidarity-based economy. One of her biggest dreams is to meet her one true love.

Eva : the teenager

She’s 15 and quite pretty. Like most teenagers, her habits tend to change a lot. She’s also emotional and rebellious against society. Her sister is her confidante, and her Dad her role model.

Antoine : the Daddy

He’s 45 and has a strong personality. His children’s education is one of his absolute priorities. He’s very much in love with Morgane and enjoys having her as his colleague. He loves hiking and playing badminton. His children are Sarah and Eva.

Viktor : the little brother

He’s 9 and spends most of his time pestering his elder sister. Video games are his life. He’d love to watch TV as much as he plays video games, but there is no television at home.

Margaux : the last one

She’s 5 and not very capricious. Her contagious laugh offsets her very strong personality. She doesn’t like school but loves spending time with her siblings. Margaux is a little princess.

Caïd : the dog & Mistik: the cat

Caïd is pretty big and lazy, and serves as a protector for his family. He spends quite a few hours napping every day. His origins are unknown. Mistik really likes her buddy the dog and her mother’s hugs. Caïd and Mistik are roughly one year old. They come from the SPCA and were adopted at the same time. Lots of good memories are tied to that period !