Le concept


At Fun’Ethic, we wish to foster sustainable development and socially responsible behaviors as much as possible! Our ambition is to inspire and guide our partners towards a greener approach while benefiting from their experience. We also aim to turn these values into a fully functional industrial model that bears upon the processes of creation, production and commercialization. All of this affects the very nature of our natural and organic products, which are certified as such by Ecocert and labeled as “Cosmebio” and “Slow Cosmetics”, among other things. Last but not least, we use eco-friendly inks to print our labels in Bas-Rhin, Alsace.

Supporting local economic growth is important as well. That is why we are always looking for local partnerships.

The composition of our products has been developed by an Alsatian chemical engineer. We also put our public relations into the hands of a local ORM company during the first two years of our company’s existence. Today we manage our communications by ourselves.

Our products are made in Hoerdt, Alsace. Their distribution is entirely taken care of by the ESAT, a specialized work center also located in Alsace (Bartenheim, Haut-Rhin). Previously, another ESAT from Aix-en-Provence has participated in the packaging of our first batch of products. This is no coincidence, as disability inclusion really matters to us.

The “Made in France” label is another element we care very much about.

Our recyclable packaging material comes from Italy, but is made by a company that uses no more electricity than it produces. As for our criteria related to sustainable development and social responsibility, they are essentially applied to our selection process of partners. We also tend to promote the use of public transport and videoconferencing to keep our ecological footprint to a minimum.