Key figures

Our recommended retail prices :

prix 2017_en.png

Retail prices include :

  • The cost of the final product, which comprises all the costs that punctuate the production. That cost represents in average 19% of the price paid by our consum’actors.

  • Our gross profit, which serves to finance the company’s outlays (salaries, rents, communications, shipping charges, etc.) This also includes a form of profit that is necessary to ensure the future of our company. Gross profit represents 30% of the sale price.

  • The distributor’s gross profit, which finances our partners’ outlays. That profit represents 34.3% of the total price paid by our consum’actors.

  • And of course, the VAT (value-added tax), which is taken into account during each step of the production process. The VAT is paid by the consum’actor and reaches 20% in the sector of cosmetics. It is calculated from the final (tax-free) cost price previously defined by the distributor and us. The VAT represents 16.7% of the sale price of any of our products.

Other key figures

Here is some of our key data, which is freely accessible :

  • Our financial turnover, profit and loss accounts, balance sheets, and a list of our retailers
  • Our profit-sharing data will soon be available online
  • Our co-workers and general managers’ salaries can be found here