Le concept

Human resources

We wish to develop a structure within which our co-workers’ careers can dovetail with their personal development. Helping them maintain a work-life balance is a huge part of our management approach. It is also a way for us to win their loyalty. 

Our human resource policies enable our co-workers to :

  • Develop their professional skills via training courses, for example. Generating knowledge brings about responsiveness, initiatives and exchanges, and therefore stronger competitiveness.
  • Be paid proportionally to their professional commitment, insofar as possible. Collective decisions lead to equally distributed rewards.
  • Be covered by a social security system that lets them access every kind of treatment easily.

All our colleagues take part in decision-taking. Regular meetings enable them to stay informed and to better understand the company’s decisions and choices. These meetings also give them the opportunity to express their opinions.

At Fun’Ethic, such involvement is not the only tool of professional empowerment—it is also important for our co-workers to embrace their positions and to grasp the impact of their decisions on the entire team. This type of functioning creates a sense of cohesion and is greatly supported by exchanges and a solid awareness of the company’s activity as a whole. It is implemented for instance when job descriptions are written by our employees and submitted for validation.

Additionally, we think that a well-balanced age distribution makes for a well-balanced company. The maturity and experience of some employees help everyone set boundaries, while the youth and vitality of others are a source of motivation and enthusiasm. The employment of seniors is not a constraint but a real asset for the businesses of tomorrow.

Time management

At Fun’Ethic, there is no clocking in and out, and no daily checking of hours worked. Everyone is co-responsible for their work and scheduling. We define a work environment and each co-worker knows when their attendance is indispensable.


All future job vacancies will be posted on this page.

Recruiting disabled workers is one of our objectives. Experience has taught us that their work and perception are valuable assets. To make this type of recruitment easier, we have developed a partnership with a specialized work center called ESAT. Its mission is to take care of the preparation of purchase orders and their shipment to our clients. Our activity therefore generates direct as well as indirect employment.