Made in France

At Fun'Ethic, all our products are made in France, and we prioritize local partnerships to strengthen local businesses

Follow the guide ! The story begins in a small Alsatian village called Sierentz... :-) 

  • Our office is located in Sierentz (68)

  • Our Organic care are made in a laboratory in Hœrdt ( 67 )

  • Our Magic Squares, washable and reusable make-up removers are made in Colmar (68)

  • Our surgras soap are handmade in Strasbourg (67)

  • Our labels are printed with green ink in Illkirch-Graffenstaden (67)

  • Our containers and other cardboard items are 100% recycled and come from Soultz (68)

  • Our graphic design is the work of an agency from Mulhouse (68)

  • Our logistics is taken care of by disabled workers from the ESAT (a specialized work center) in Bartenheim (68), 3km away from our office 

  • Our raw materials are bought in France whenever possiblefor example malt, sunflowers, and glycerin. If we have no choice but to buy raw materials from foreign suppliers, we prioritize natural and organic products as well as fair trade. 

  • All our materials are processed in France, from hydrolats to perfumes, oils, organic and fair trade shea butter, etc. Our 100% natural perfumes come from Grasse, the world's capital of perfume. 

... About our 3 items made outside France :

  • Our recyclable packaging material comes from Italy, but is made by a green company that uses no more electricity than it produces. Why an italian company? Simply because no French company makes such small batches of bottles.
  • The recyclable plastic pouches that protect our Magic Squares are made by fair trade suppliers from India. 
  • Our beauty bags are also made by fair trade suppliers from India 

With the support of KPMG, Région Alsace and FEEF